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Everyday, people are exploring and embracing new ways to work in Microsoft Teams. The chat-based hub for teamwork is transforming projects, meetings and processes — it’s available for everyone on devices they love. Modern teamwork involves people within…

Or, “How can I create a Microsoft Team with Guests Access off to begin with?”

You want to click the button

Series Contents

Guest Access, for those that have been a part of my engagements at the Philadelphia MTC, or follow me here and on LinkedIn, know that this is a topic very near and dear to me. And while the…

Series Contents

Bringing it all together

In this article, we show off how we bring all the parts of our solution together in a location that can be used by all.

New Teams Request Demo

To bring all of our earlier work together, we utilize…

Some enhancements to the process we created previously

Series Contents

Improving & Enhancing the Process

In Part 3 of our series, we spoke of how to set up the main process via a Flow in Power Automate to create and configure our team. Since then…

Automatically Provision and Configure Through a Flow

Series Contents

And here we are, the pièce de résistance, the automated process to both provision the requested Microsoft Team as well as configure it with Guest Access on or off.

Big Picture View

Located here we have the image of the full flow. Rather than…

Series Contents

As you’ve read in the opening “how did we get here” post, we landed on a combination of a number of Microsoft cloud services that allow us to pull this off. …

Michael Mukalian

Covering the Microsoft Modern Workplace as a Technical Architect at the Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern.

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